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Want To Get Involved?

We're always happy to hear from potential new members, even if you don't have any previous re-enactment experience. 



To help you decide if this is the right thing for you, we've pulled together this handy FAQ.

How Much Are Your Annual Membership Fees?

Combatants in full time employment pay £60 per year; combatants who are students, in part-time employment, or are unemployed pay £30 per year; and non-combatants pay £12 per year. 

Are All New Members Subject To Probation?

Yes.  All new combatant members are subject to a minimum five sessions probation period.  This allows you and us to determine your suitability as a potential member.

Do I Have To Fight?

Not if you don't want to, although this is the reason most people join.  We also have opportunities for archers, and anybody who wants to support the setup and running of our medieval camp, including living history activities.

Do I Have To Wear Medieval Clothes?

Generally yes.  Many of our clients can be quite strict and require us to remain in historically accurate 13th century clothes at events when the public are still on site.

Do I Have To Know Much Medieval History?

Not at all, There are enough of our members who know medieval history who can answer questions from the public. Most members naturally learn some medieval history as they progress in the group and become more confident interacting with the public.

Is It Expensive?

How much you spend is really down to you.  Some of our members are quite happy portraying peasants requiring simple shoes, braes, hose, and tunic (approximately £100).  If you want to participate in combat, then our newer members can use our group weapons and armour.  If you enjoy participating, then we expect our members to obtain a gambeson, helmet, sword, shield, and gloves within the first two years (approximately £300).  To keep costs low, some of our members make their own kit, where possible.

Do I Need My Own Transport?

We attend shows across the North East of England, and sometimes further afield, so personal transport is useful.  Many of our members who own cars will happily drive other members to events, if they have room available in their cars, and they may ask for a small contribution towards fuel costs.

Do I Require A High Degree Of Physical Fitness?

We have combat training for two hours every Sunday, and we have two or three combat displays a day during shows, so a basic level of physical ability is required.  Our newer members, after a few weeks of training, will often tell us about the improvement they've experienced in their stamina and strength.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Fight?

If you are aged 18 or over, then you can train to become a combatant with Dawn of Chivalry.

Are There Any Risks?

Yes.  All re-enactment activities carry a risk a physical injury, not only in the tournament arena, but also in the medieval camp.  Although care has been taken to reduce the likelihood of risks occurring, these risks can never be removed completely.  It is a condition of membership that each member accepts the risk of injury when they join, and that Dawn of Chivalry will not be held responsible.


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