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Meet The Team

Check out the team below and click the headshot of the individual to see their kit and equipment. If you would like any further information on how to join then please don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact page. 

Sir Richard


Sir Richard is one of Dawn of Chivalry's longest serving members and has been fighting since the age of 17. Built like a man mountain he shows all combatants how a real man fights. 

When not at events for Sir Richard keeps himself busy by enlightening people in nautical history, and creating amazing art pieces.

Sir David


Sir David has been a member of Dawn of Chivalry for about 4 years and is currently the Events Organiser for the group. Having knighted at few events this season he is definitely an up and coming fighter to watch, his skill with sword and shield is rarely matched.

Outside of Dawn Of Chivalry Sir David is a keen mind, educating future generations and keeping physically fit as a an avid HEMA competitor. 

Sir William


Sir William is relatively new to the knight circuit but what he lacks in experience he makes up for in pure ferocity. This fearful knight joined the ranks of Dawn of Chivalry around 4 years ago.

Outside of Dawn of Chivalry Sir William enjoys reenacting with other groups such as the vikings, a keen history buff Sir William has visited numerous historical sites and events throughtout the UK.

Lady Claire


Lady Claire is the lovely Lady of Sir Richard and has been with the group around 3 years. Takng on the role of Archer shooting at the knights tournament Lady Claire favours the Crossbow and not many bolts miss their target while she is shooting.

Lady Isabelle


ady Isabelle has been with the group around 1 year and not only does she shoot with the other ladies she also fights as a combatant in the shows. See if you can spot her at the next event. Partner and Lovely Lady of Sir David you can expect to see more of Lady Isabelle beating on our Knights and Levy's during the 2017 season.

Lady Jocelyn


Lady Jocelyn has been with the group around 5 years and is the lovely Lady to our very own Sir George. Lady Jocelyn is an avid archer and rarely gets below 15 points at our knights tournaments.

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