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One of the key driving forces at Dawn of Chivalry is to be as historically accurate as possible. We therefore research our equipment (weapons, armour, clothing, jewellery, etc.) to make sure that we only wear and use what would have existed in the 13th century.


Below are the results of some of our research and that of others relevant to our period.

More documents to be added as they become available. Some are password protected as they are only available to the group's members.

  • Bardiche (9 pages, 12-05-2018, pdf, 1.4 MB)

Clothing and Jewellery
  • Pendants (12 pages, 31-01-2018, pdf, 1.3 MB)

Camp Equipment
  • Lanterns (17 pages, 31-03-2018, pdf, 1.7 MB)

Research from Other Groups

Other re-enactment groups are also conducting useful research on historical accuracy in the 13th century. Dawn of Chivalry contributed a little by providing a translation in English to some of them.

  • Maille Coiffe (Research and original text in French by Cite d'Antan, translated into English by David Tetard, Dawn of Chivalry)

Last update: 29th May 2018

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